Michael Clegg Memorial Birdrace 2022

This year the Michael Clegg Memorial Birdrace was again run as a green event with cars only permitted to get to the start. Of the 29 teams who sent scores back to the organiser, eight were from the York area. Well done to all who took part, especially the York Upstarts who yet again recorded the most species in Yorkshire.

Proceeds of the race will go to the North Yorkshire Turtle Dove Project and donations can be made at https://www.gofundme.com/f/drinking-pools-for-turtle-doves-in-dalby-forest, the total currently (08/01/22) stands at over £1500.


York Upstarts (York)    97 species cycled & walked 32 miles
Yorkshire Terriers (York)  91 species
Acomb Bikers (York) 58 species


Whelbirders (Wheldrake)  77 species 10 miles walked
Lower Wharfe (York)  65 species
Birdman & Robin (York)  56 species 9 miles walked
Dringhouse Walkers (York) 43 species
Ulleskelf mires (York) 22 species