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Red Kite at Wheldrake Ings © Duncan Bye, Apr 2015
Red Kite at Wheldrake Ings © Duncan Bye, Apr 2015

The YOC welcomes all records from the recording area which will be used to compile the annual report. Not every record can be published specifically, especially for commoner species, but they do all help to understand the picture in the area. We will endeavour to credit all contributors in the published report.

  1. You can submit records on the standard spread sheet that can be  downloaded using the relevant button below. Please send to the editorial committee at either at the end of the year or more regularly, e.g. monthly.
  2. Alternatively, individual records can be submitted using the Casual Records form.
  3. We also receive an annual extract from BirdTrack ( so can pick up your records from there if you give permission through that site. Please make sure that the OS grid reference of your sighting is clearly within the club area.
  4. If you do see a scarce or rare bird for the local area (see the description species lists), or have evidence of breeding of schedule 1 species, please let the recorder know at as soon as possible after the sighting.

Standard spread sheets

The spreadsheet provides a standard format with validation of species and sites. Instructions are in the workbook, on the ‘guidance’ tab. For backward compatibility, it is in Excel 2003 (.xls) format.

We are currently collating records from 2020, please download the following spreadsheet:

Download 2020 spreadsheet

If you would prefer a version that uses the BTO’s species codes as the input, please contact the editor – .

For 2021 records, please download the following spreadsheet, which has been updated with more sites, a refresh of the YOC species list and some order changes to reflect the BOU British List. This has been updated to Excel .xlsx format as this is standard nowadays, however, if you have problems, please contact .

Download 2021 spreadsheet

Red Kite records

Have you seen a Red Kite? Please also submit records from anywhere in Yorkshire through the Yorkshire Red Kites website.

Yorkshire Red Kites