Photo Competition 2019

This gallery shows the excellent winning photographs from the 2019 competition held on 3rd December. Thanks to Tom Lawson for running the evening and to Peter Watson and Barry Thomas for judging to whittle down the photos to the short-lists ahead of the popular vote.


  1. NORTHERN FULMAR by Phil Moss
    2 = GANNETS by Terry Weston
    2 = CREAM COLOURED COURSER by Terry Weston

Rest of the UK:

  1. KESTREL by Terry Weston
  2. SHORT-EARED OWL by Antony Ward
  3. COMMON TERN by Tom Lawson

York Area Nature:

  1. STOAT by Terry Weston
  2. SOUTHERN HAWKER by Trevor Walton
  3. PAINTED LADY by Antony Ward
  • 1st World: Northern Fulmar © Phil Moss 2019