Species requiring a description

To enable us to present our reports with complete accuracy, contributors are reminded that records of certain species must be supported by descriptions taken in the field or as soon as possible after the sighting – preferably before reference to textbooks.

Caspian Gull, Rufforth © Tim Jones, Feb 2015
Caspian Gull, Rufforth © Tim Jones, Feb 2015

National and county rarities, considered by the British Birds Rarities Committee (BBRC) and the Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union (YNU) Reports Committee respectively, must be described. Forms can be obtained from any YNU vice-county recorder or the YNU website. It would help both the YOC Recorder and the YNU if descriptions were submitted as soon as possible after the sighting.

Click on the buttons to get to the BBRC and/or YNU websites for information on the latest lists:

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York description species Additionally, contributors are asked to provide details to the YOC Recorder () for species/subspecies listed in the pdfs you can open by clicking the buttons below. Choose alphabetical or taxonomic order. The lists were updated in December 2016 to include taxa that have dropped out of the YNU list, for example Caspian Gull.

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In addition, the Recorder may ask contributors to provide some supporting evidence for some species not listed in the files, taking into account such factors as observer experience, out-of-season occurrences and unusual or difficult plumages, etc. This will be at the Recorder’s discretion and the list of species requiring descriptions is under constant review. Note that if photographs showing key identification features are submitted of these species a field description may not be required (as long as details such as location, date, observer, etc. accompany the photographs).