Photo Competition 2023

This year, we reverted to the three category format: York area wildlife, rest of the UK birds and rest of the world birds. The approach of a straight vote was kept, however. Many thanks to Emanuela Buizza for preparing and running the evening. The category winners and a gallery are below:

York area wildlife

  1. PEREGRINE by Peter Richman
  2. GREY HERON by Trevor Walton
  3. = BARN OWL by Antony Ward & REDPOLL by Peter Richman

Rest of the UK

  1. BARN OWL by John Barker
  2. LITTLE EGRET by Peter Richman
  3. BAR-TAILED GODWIT by Peter Richman

Rest of the World

  1. COLLARED PRATINCOLE by Peter Richman
  2. FLAMINGOES by Peter Richman
  3. HOUSE FINCH by John Barker
  • Peregrine Falcon
    Peregrine Falcon © Peter Richman