Bird Race January 8th

Following the Bird race, Paul Doherty said: “Please see below for an update on the 2023 Birdrace. A great result and my sincere thanks to everyone in the York area who either took part or donated or did both. Seven of the 30 teams taking part were from the York area, so we were well represented. Perhaps there will be even more of us next year as it’s a fun and interesting event to take part in.”

At the time of this post, the GoFundMe page is still available for donations and shows a massive £5,500 raised for the Little Terns at Spurn. Visit:

Graham Speight, the organiser reported that: “The twenty-seventh annual Michael Clegg Memorial Birdrace took place on Sunday 8th January 2023.

For the third year it was a ‘green event’ with no motor vehicles allowed, teams covered their chosen site on foot or with peddle-power. And again, all teams reported having a very enjoyable day out.

Weather was fairly kind to us with not too much rain which has been a constant of the first week of the year.

Final scores have been submitted by twenty-eight teams from around Yorkshire, although there are others who said they were taking part but have sent in no score!”

York Upstarts (York) – winners again!99cycled and walked 42 miles
Yorkshire Terriers (York)86cycled and walked 16 miles
Whelbirders (Wheldrake & Bank Island)75walked 6 miles
Lower Wharf (York area)72walked 6 miles
Team Marygate (York)42walked
Team Castle Howard37walked
Famous Five (Four humans and a dog) (York)30walked, mostly from garden