Photo competition results

The club held the annual photographic competition on 6th December. Thank you to Paul Doherty and Jean Smith who acted as judges to produce the shortlists for the popular vote.

The results are as follows:

YOC area – a clean sweep

  1. Kestrel family by Terry Weston
  2. Buzzard by Terry Weston
  3. Barn Owl by Terry Weston

Rest of UK

  1. Bittern by Tom Lawson
  2. Little Owl by Antony Ward
  3. Kestrel by Tom Lawson


  1. Hoatzins, Ecuador by Jane Chapman
  2. Lesser Flamingo, Namibia by Tom Lawson
  3. Australian Darter, Australia by Pete Richman

Well done to all winners and many thanks to all those who entered photos. A gallery will be set up on the site in due course so please revisit to see the winners and runners up.

P.S. 23/12/16 – ThereĀ is now a new gallery to showcase the winning photos from the 2016 Photographic Competition.