Lockdown Bird Quiz May 2020 – Updated with answers

As the club is unable to meet on 5th May owing to the lockdown, we would like to encourage you to spend a bit of time this evening indulging your passion for birds and birding as you would if you had attended the meeting. To assist with this, Jono Leadley and Duncan Bye have put together a York Birding Quiz to tax all the bird brains in the Club!

People can share around, and keep their answers for their own interest. It is just a bit of fun and there are no prizes!  We suggest that you try and do the quiz on your computer/tablet screen as it will use up a lot of ink to print and it is better for the environment not to print things unnecessarily. It will be distributed via the YorkBirding distribution and can also be downloaded here.

Note: There is an error in Round 1 question 8 – the clue should read: Block Litigated Wad

UPDATE – And here are the answers.