Hornsea and the east coast

Eleven members met up at Hornsea Mere this morning (Sunday 10th February) on what proved to be a chilly but dry day. Many of the wildfowl were distant from Kirkholme Point but a good selection was noted, including a bird that looked to be the first-winter Scaup that has been reported recently. However, as its head-shape looked a bit unusual and its bill perhaps was not quite right, some raised the possibility that it might be a hybrid; unfortunately before this could be explored fully the bird flew off never to be re-located. Distant views of at least two Marsh Harriers were welcome. Next stop was at the western end of the mere to explore some of the parkland and see common woodland species, the highlights here were half a dozen or more Bullfinches. It was an enjoyable walk in an area that many had not been before or, at least, for some years.

We then went to the coast to scan the sea and have our lunch. Some of us had been here earlier in the day before the meet-up and had recorded 20-25 Red-throated Divers. There weren’t so many when we returned but some were on the sea and there was at least one bird that looked good for Black-throated. Following this we headed north to Barmston and then ended at Fraisthorpe with a pleasant stroll on the beach but there were few birds here as it was busy with dog-walkers and the like though we had close views of Sanderling.


Rob Chapman