Amazing gulls at Rufforth

Chris Gomersall posted to the YorkBirding Google group this evening about a superb set of gull records at Rufforth.

“A remarkable day today at Rufforth, between Dave Foster and myself we had a minimum of 13! Caspian gulls ( 6x 1st w, 3x 2nd w, 1x 3rd w, 1x 4th w, 2x ad) also 2x 1st w Yellow legged gulls, 2-3 Glaucous gulls(all 1st w) and 2-3 Iceland gulls (at least 1x 1st w and 1x ad).

Obviously a very recent influx has occurred, probably due to the near continent freezing over and a couple of days of easterly winds. Although confirmation is needed, this could well be the largest single site record for Casps anywhere in the UK! Even more remarkable that all but 2 were seen in the same field!

Who knows what other goodies are out there!”